Polyurethane extrusion, Angoscini M.P. has the know-how needed for the shaping of this technical thermoplastic material on flexible and high-productivity extrusion line. Different hardness available from softer material such as 40 shA to harder like 99 shA. Mono-extrusion and co-extrusion with the respect of close tolerances, we are able to supply high quality goods with an efficient lead time.

Material properties

Polyurethane is a techno polymer which find a wide range of applications especially due to the different grades of hardness available on market. From 35 shA soft polyurethane extrusion up to 105 shA semi-rigid material.

Polyurethane is used especially in technical profiles in contact with oils, metals, and where there is a strong friction processing. Material with much elastic memory, PU has the ability to adapt to any type of profile.

Typical applications areas ranging from automotive, construction, medical until:

  • insulating gaskets
  • tubes
  • technical profiles

AMP Italy can process polyurethane extrusion from small and high precision sections to big sections which need extra cooling to guarantee the main core to cool down properly and don’t loose their own shapes during the packaging.

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