Polystyrene extrusion, Angoscini M.P. has dedicated extrusion lines for different kind of profiles. Cannulae, tube and hoses FDA approved made by medical polystyrene. On-line diameter check made by dedicated laser calipers capable to control the extrusion line itself, with the main goal to always produce goods that meet of customer’s specifications.

Material properties

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer characterised by a linear structure. In polystyrene extrusion there are two main categories of materials compositions:

  • Transparent polystyrene PS: characterised by a great processing simplicity and lower price then similar alternative, such as polycarbonate or PMMA. Transparent polystyrene perfectly fits in the packaging industry and injection moulding processing. Moreover it meets FDA requirements which make it compatible with food contact. The bulk density is 1,050 kg/dm3 in normal conditions. Available also in expanded foam (EPS), in this case the density reduces up to 0,03 kg/dm3 , which becomes perfect for packaging which has to be light and need to easily absorb shocks.
  • High impact polystyrene: this type of resin is composed by polystyrene and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR rubber). These two elements combined together can produce a blend less fragile than standard polystyrene. Because of that, mechanical properties increase and plastic deformation results to be higher.

Application examples

Several applications fit with polystyrene extrusion , due to its mechanical properties, FDA and biomedical conformity and low price. Some of the most common fields are:

  • Polystyrene extrusion for profiles for refrigeration;
  • Food industry and related packaging
  • Medical and biomedical ;
  • Logistic.

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