Polycarbonate extrusion, Angoscini M.P. has the proper dedicated extrusion line for shaping this material. The polycarbonate profiles find application in many different field especially in LED lighting. Polycarbonate profiles for Led stripes with high transparency and temperature resistance. Different kind of polycarbonate extrusion can be done: form transparent to translucent, opal and satin polycarbonate.


Material properties

Polycarbonates are resistant to mineral acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, gasoline, greases, oils , alcohols , except methyl alcohol , and water below 70 ° C. Above this temperature the water attacks the polymer favoring a gradual chemical decomposition. The biodegradability is poor and time-consuming .

Polycarbonate extrusion needs specific equipment, such as volumetric pump and water heating units, in order to be well extruded. Its high melt index and low viscosity has to be controlled has carefully as possible in order to cancel any kind of aesthetic defects can appear during the material’s cooling.

The mechanical properties , such as elongation , tensile strength, resistance to impact and flexion , show a rapid increase with the molecular weight up to reach a plateau for values ​​of the molecular weight of around 22 000, for which the weight is still guaranteed a good workability for extrusion . Of paramount importance for the application of polycarbonate is its high toughness , high impact resistance , excellent thermal stability and good transparency .

Polycarbonate is one of the last thermoplastic materials to be produced and marketed , but despite this it has been a spectacular growth in consumption in different application fields , from construction to electronics, from electro- lately to the automotive industry.


  • in electronics, such as insulation for high-voltage capacitors and high voltage work
  • electric lighting , for transparent
  • in the medical field the polycarbonate has found wide use : the possibility to sterilize in autoclave or by gamma rays , some compounds based PC has allowed the use in the equipment for hemodialysis and for the artificial heart surgery, for the first infancy and home care

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