AMP Italy – a plastic extrusion company – Form over 40 years next to our customers to offer innovative and practical products delivered in a short time.

Angoscini M.P. from over 40 years is specialised in plastic extrusion. We offer to market professionality due to our wide experience which becomes in high quality products and short lead times. Our plastic extrusion company follows the modern concept of lean production. We handle different techniques for extrusion of different type of techno-polymers. We can mainly classify our products as following:

  • small section (micro extrusion – tubes and cannulae – special gasket)
  • medium section (electrical cable channels, profiles for glasses, polycarbonate profiles for led lighting, price holder for shelf)
  • big section (joinery profiles, polyethylene guides, industrial furnishing)

The extruded product is an object with a fixed cross-sectional. Plastic extrusion company uses machinery which melt and push the material thanks the combined action of plastification screw and chamber. Temperatures are variables from 130°C (ex. flex PVC) up to 390°C (ex. Peek – polyether ether ketone). Once melted, the resin get the shape of the mold in which it is pushed. At working temperature plastic results soft and needs to be cool down to get its final shape. The cooling action comes thanks the calibration tools, stainless steal pieces having the negative draw of the section of the product. Cooling is possible due to therm-controlled water and vacuuming which pull the melted resin against its cold sides.

AMP Italy has 11 different extrusion lines and 12 extra co-extruders which are used for special processing. Our production is extended on 2600 m^2. These important factors let us to be your new potential plastic extrusion company supplier able to work with many kind of resins, such as: PVC, polycarbonate, polyethylene and polypropylene, polystyrene and many more techno-polymers.

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