Bioplastic extrusion made by Angoscini MP . We constantly invest in new materials as our source to be more competitive and always ready to the market changes. Bio plastics are different then standard thermoplastics and offer lower mechanical properties. It becomes important to focus on the bioplastic extrusion technique and using of dedicated extrusion screw. Product are tested and compared with standard thermoplastic goods to analyse and study changes in the draw.

Material properties

Bioplastic is a type of biodegradable plastic derived from renewable vegetable raw materials and with a decomposition time of a few months in composting.

The most commonly known and widespread bioplastic on the market (even for its relatively low cost) is derived from starch made ​​from corn, wheat, from the potato, tapioca and rice. Trade names of this biopolymer are now entered in everyday language and include the Mater-Bi ® and Bioplast ® (although there are many other equally used worldwide as Cornpol ®, Greenpol ®, Ecoplast ®, ® and TP Getrex Plantic ®) .


  • Protections for agriculture
  • Handles, door handles and profiles
  • Bioplastic extrusion of pipes and cannulae

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