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Plastic profile extrusion AMP Italy

All our experience in plastic profile extrusion for our customers’ needs

Angoscini M.P. serves the market of plastic profile extrusion from almost 50 years, third party producer with experience in different plastic materials processing and for many various fields. We can offer customized solution form the drawing and the developing phase to the mold realization till the supply of goods.

In line with market demands of lean production, due to the new fast and global market, we differentiate ourself from our competitors thanks our fast lead time without forgetting the metter of a competitive selling price.

Plastic profile extrusion

Extruded plastic profiles: be free to beautify, complete, protect and make your product more functional.

AMP specialized in plastic extrusion of technical designed profiles, from microextrusion up to big sections – from 5 to 4000 g. meter.


Experience in many applications allows us to be a reliable partner in plaastic extrusion, who can suggest you the most suitable technical solution.

Capable of efficient, cost-cutting production. And fast, because markets don’t wait.

Technical Assistance

Tell us your needs and we’ll guide you to their realization, in the most convenient, fast and suitable way for you.

All the know-how of an Italian company for the production of quality and durable plastic profile extrusion.

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Call us at +39.030.6810643 or get in touch with us by clicking here . You can also take a look of more products amp-profili .

All our technical experience at service of our customers’ needs. Everything you need to complete, protect and make your product more functional by using an Italian-made product. AMP offers its skills in production processing  and materials selecting in order to supply you the best solutions for your project, maintaining high quality standards and reducing as much as possible the production costs.